Ellie with kittens

Hi everyone, Special for al our catlovers 
Here is your catlady LOL.
I ask Christine a time ago , would it be nice to make a Ellie or Avery with a cat or something like that.
And this is what Christine made,for the new release.
So Super Sweet.

What do i made, a cathead easel card, its my own idea and its very simpel.
If you have cats you have probably have some cat treats in your house.
Its a box with the shape of a cathead ;).
I have draw this one in a big size, so you have a shape .
Now you can build a Easel card.

You can make your own idea to it.
Try it.
Hugs Christa


  1. Absolutely wonderful. I am going to follow your idea for my daughter who is a vet tech and has many cats of her own. This is wonderful! I love the image and will buy it along with drawing out the cat head. This is a GREAT shaped card! And an easel, too…so she can keep it on her desk. Fabulous!

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